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I may be developing an ulcer

9 November cannot come fast enough.

Then there is the swelling in my right thigh, MRSA deep in the tissue.

Strange weather.   Not sleeping well.  Wish there was a pill.

Why did this pin of mine go semi-viral?

What makes this picture of an (precious) opal egg in a brown matrix of volcanic rhyolite (from Opal Butte, Morrow County, Oregon) the most favorite of my Pins on Pinterest with over 24,000 repins?  People are still repinning it today.  I had originally pinned it from the site of Heritage Auctions, where it eventually sold for $7,500. I guess it just resonates with people.

The Python Approach

We finally learned what Phase Two was all about and whose plan it truly is....Read more...Collapse )

Hear me, Sam Esmail, bring back Mr Robot ASAP!!


20 October on FOX

DWAT! FOX nixxed the vid!  I leave you with Ghost BC instead....