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Make it real.

The Americans

This weeks episode of THE AMERICANS left me weakened on the floor to see what Philip endured to become a spy.   Last week it was Stan telling his co-worker how to get in with a group - "tell them what they want to hear."  This week it was Philip pointing out that his use of sex as a spy was to "make it real" - while being emotionally disassociated from the act.   Showing his memory as a very young man of the various (many elder) women and men with whom his Russian KGB handlers had him have sex - in training to "make it real."  He even tells Elizabeth that sometimes he has had to "make it real" with her - "but not now."

It goes to show how jaded and insensitive that Philip must have come to feel about himself and why he should not want his daughter, Paige, to become like him.  It's the American Dream, to want more for your children than what you have for yourself.  And Philip certainly wants more - emotionally - for Paige.  He feels that in getting closer to her he might win for her that future.  There may be a way out for her through her belief in Jesus and Philip has come around to taking an active role in that respect.  First came the popular record he bought for Paige, then came the dinner party and now that Paige has revealed that she wishes to be baptized Philip takes her to buy an expensive dress for that upcoming event.  Elizabeth though is adamantly opposed and perhaps so because she sees her opportunity to tell Paige "who she really is" slipping away.

Philip also has Martha talking about adopting a child (or becoming a foster parent) and it seems to appeal to him (if only to get Martha on track).  It sparks a rememberance of Paige as a young girl.  The summer of skinned knees seems to be a good time for Elizabeth and Philip.    And now Philip has a teenager, Kimmie (Kimberly), whose father works for the CIA, with whom he may have to "make it real."  That he asks Elizabeth if he should belies a sense of immorality in the idea of sex with Kimmie - a hormonal 15 year old girl.  Earlier a TV commercial featuring a young "Lolita" like imagery also appeared to bring out Philips moral and emotional quandry.  Frank Langella's character puts it in perspective for Philip, while praising him as the best at what he does.  It's Philip's confusion, or rather his conscience which may get in the way of the mission.   For now Philip uses a high-grade pot to keep Kimmie at bay while he searches her father's den for clues.  He 'gets lucky' when their parents arrive home and Philip must beat it out the back to get away.

Elizabeth to is "making it real" in a lesser sense by becoming friends (via AA) with an aircraft fabricator, Michelle, in search of a job.  She needs her at Northrup so that Elizabeth can get intel on the new plane they are fabricating.  But the jobs are filled. Elizabeth (in bun hairdo) is ever resourceful and takes the opportunity to kill a Northrup employee working on his car by dropping the car off the jack on him.   Elizabeth gets the desired result and her 'asset' is hired by Northrup and Elizabeth uses her 'faked' new fortune to set up Michelle to talk about her work at Northrup.  Did it make killing him any easier for Elizabeth that the man's name was also Philip?

Meanwhile, there is Stan and Oleg.  Stan's trying to find a way to get Nina back, possibly trading her for the woman defector (Vinaida?) Stan believes to be, in fact, a planted Russian spy.  He enlists Oleg to find out.  But can Oleg really find the truth.  And can either Stan or Oleg trust that what the other say is reality?  And if Vinaida is actually a defector, has Oleg now discovered a new way of getting a spy in hight places thanks to Stan?

And was that Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch Oleg was drinking?   FX seems to be placing a whiskey in its shows. JUSTIFIED has had many a Kentucky bourbon in its episodes, the last being Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon.  This episode certainly left me desiring a good swig of bourbon to feel that bit of numbness a partially stoned Philip must have felt at the episode's end.

I have failed

Mariah Pond Farm

Synchronicity is not mine.  But on to the good side I guess this means my Pinterest board is more popular than I expected.

The Pinterest Obsession

Mariah Pond Farm
So, I have a Pinterest account and one of my boards is on Geology.  It's become an obsession ever since the board came up with 100 followers.  Now the board has 4681 Pins and 995 Followers.  I have come to feel like I owe it to my followers to keep the board going and documenting the best I can find on the Internet concerning Geology.  


My obsession has further become fixated upon the numbers and their synchronicity.  So, I have been hoping that I might get to 5000 pins about the same time I break into four digits (1000+) of followers.   For a while there I was thinking that I may just make it   At times I was loosing followers - probably due to simple attrition - just as fast as I was gaining them.   I was stuck around 982 followers for over a month.

Then.... well, it seems that if you try to reach a pin goal by accelerating your pinnage (is that a word?) that you attract followers!   Suddenly, my follower shot up to 995.  I can only hope that the gods of attrition return and give me a reprieve, because I just uploaded another 30 pins today.  At that rate it's going to take me at least 11 days of pinning to break the 5000 barrier.

Yes, this idea of synchronizing the breaking of the two numbers barriers might be just a little too obsessive.  Or is it because my Bachelor's degree was in both Geology and Mathematics?

Oy vey!

The Americans: Eyes of Darkness

The Americans
Elizabeth has been put through the wringer on The AMERICANS.  And yet, she seems to gain renewed strength from the adversity which spying has brought into her life.  Phillip can only give her what he can and even then it hurts as their darkened eyes meet during the needed 'extraction.'  But then Phillip must wake up as Clark with Martha speaking about bringing a child into their lives when his concerns for Paige haunt him now daily and his thoughts surely are of Elizabeth.  Likewise, Elizabeth must return to her protege; but affirms herself for Phillip.

Meanwhile in the Rezidentura....  Brezhnev is out and Andropov, the ex-KGB head, is in.  Brezhnev had been only a figurehead for the last two years as his health had been poor.  Andropov used that time wisely to outmaneuver other members of the Politburo and rise to power.  Oleg's father is evidently a support of Andropov; however Oleg will stay as America's new stealth bomber comes up as a problem.

Still, Elizabeth and Phillip, the ever consumate spies, push the envelope and discover something that might help their side - Isaac Breland, head of the CIA group on Afghanistan.  Playing through the pain; just how long can the two of them take the abuse they put themselves through?   Elizabeth has had her share, does that mean it is now time for Phillip to receive his due?

Justified cuts short on me again....

Justified Raylan
Couldn't we have had at least on scene with Boyd calling to Ava as he steps nekkid into the shower?!


Ok.... for a knock off of the idea behind The Americans, NBC's Allegiance is fairly intriguing.  There are three children in this family of spies.  One is still too young and clueless (or is that what they want you to think?).   The son is a walking computer who went to work for the CIA.   And his older sister is now an operative for the current Russian spy network and apparently in a relationship with her parent's former Russian handler.   As with any US network TV show the stakes must be high and the plot is about a Russian plan which could destroy some significant part of American infrastructure with a grave loss of live and thus start a war with Russia.  That's a far cry from the normal work-a-day tasks that Phillip and Elizabeth must perform as Russian spies in the 1980s.  Consequently, The Americans seems to have more of an air of believeability than Allegiance with its overblown plot point.  But I'll give it go on a week-by-week basis.

Sandra & Lizzy

Mariah Pond Farm

Fortitude #3

Mariah Pond Farm
It appears the only two men not getting any sexual release in Fortitude are finally striking up a friendship.  But how will Chief Dan Andersson explain why he as in the house before Vincent broke into Stoddart's home?   Does Governor Odegard really think she's getting away with anything?  And why and how did the Russian, Yuri Lubimov, manage to get the governor's husband Eric to step into a bear trap?   What are Yuri and Max Cordero doing up on the ice?   Does Elena want to kill Chief Dan because he knows why she is there?  And after screwing Elena, Frank Sutter comes back with a shirt full of blood - just whose blood was it - or was it the blood of something else?  Someone finds that shirt in the next episode.

So much that needs to be explained in such a short series.    Three different types of wounds on Stoddart.  Does that mean there were three separate attackers?  Why was Liam infected so quickly but not Carrie?  Did living in Fortitude longer giver her a sort of immunity?

So who dies next.   Will it be Liam, will the disease return?  Or will it be the scientist who was drilling the tooth - Natalie Yelburton - because she breathed in dust containing the virus?  Time will tell as we "Investigate FORTITUDE."  And what are Ronnie and Carrie Morgan going to do on that boat.  Does he know he is trying to flee a disease and is yet transporting the one person who may be the very carrier of it, his own daughter?  Did they name her Carrie by accident?

Russian Spies Drink Miller Lite!!

The Americans
This was a tough, bone-breaking episode to watch.   So by the end I was suspecting that the Russian defector would be killed when they poison her candy.   Irena is taking this her incarceration rather stoically.  I am not sure if Irena's declaration to Oleg's father will help her get out or not.   If he doesn't want to see her with Oleg then it might hurt her.   And what's with the Belgian girl in her cell?   I think Irena suspects she may be a spy from the Russians.

Justified does not last long enough

Justified Raylan
And I'm not talking about cutting that last scene short.  Although seeing more of Boyd would have been.... delicious!

No, I'm talking about how the show draws you in, holds your interest and attention, and then suddenly, it's done for the hour and you just are left sitting there screaming in your own head, 'no, no, no!  Give me more!!'

I'm going to miss this show when it ends.