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Learning and having scones - on a Slayage conference.

Slayage 14.1:  Winter 2016 of the Whedon Studies Association.  Some people have too much time on their hands.  Kinda glad they do!
The butcher of Gettysburg becomes the butcher of Ratwater.

The setup to next week"s knock-down....Collapse )

Happy Birthday!

Happy BIrthday to frenchani!!

What kind of speech writers did Donald Trump hire for his wife?  Undercover operatives for the Democrats?  Plagarizing the current First Lady's speech of 8 years ago, doesn't help your campaign:

And it has spawned a storm of ridicule on Twitter using the hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes.  So far my favorite is "We're gonna need a bigger boat."   Though, "today is a day that will live in infamy," is right up there too.  Though this one really strikes my funny bone:

Then the Republican party which created the most homophobic and bigotted anti-gay party platform in its history closed on an even higher note with Freddy Mercury's "We Are The Champions."  People like Mike Pence and others who have worked their lives to deny rights to gays, lesbians and the transgendered, sat there listening to the work of a man who they would condemn.  Hypocrisy is coming to roost in the Republican party.

12 Monkeys - Memory of Tomorrow

Always leave you craving more - and I do!  Stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

Memory of Tomorrow....Collapse )

The attack of the god of meat

Kinda strange episode.....Collapse )

But when aren't any of the episodes of PREACHER strange?

Living Analog (Analog Nightmare)

In control, not in control, illusion, not an illusion.  Why don't you just go..... Elliott is not in control.

$5.9 million dollars - 5-9, the date of the hack, the birthday of Elliott's father. Well I've been a prisoner all my life.... No, I don't mind.... cause I don't remember, take, take me home.

Are we all going to end up jealous of Maxine?

Has Angela gone over to the dark side or is she still pure of heart?   Or are her motive somewhere inbetween?  Are the positive affirmations working?

Did Tyrell send his wife, Joanna, the burner phone?  Or could it be an FBI ploy?

Elliott and Maxine......

Unfilled line, missing time....

But Elliott still has a modicum of control, analog life continues.... and he's late for his church group.

Gideon, an important patsey, making his barmate a hero?

He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his god, and he shall be my son. - Rev 21:7.

Will Elliott 'overcome?'  Or is he slipping futher.  Was that really Tyrell's voice on the phone or is Elliott now manifesting Tyrell as an alter?

I miss Whiterose!

I'm back....

Now what?

Loved PREACHER this last Sunday.  Every time that show ends, it leaves me craving more.

Mr ROBOT airs tonight along with an after party show discussing it.  Should be awesome!

Other shows I like this summer: Queen of the South, Feed the Beast, Chris Noth is on Tyrant, and Braindead is the perfect comment on the US political scene this year.

Edited to add... just watched 12 Monkeys. They frakking killed off all but two of their main characters!  Fate is a bitch.  Well, they killed off the elder Jennifer Goines last week, but they resurrected her from a past self via the time machine.  And now it looks like Cole and Cassie are getting together in 1957 in the house of the vision given to Cassie by the Witness, which should then lead to the conception of the Witness who is threatening the end of time (but would replace that with a Nirvana).  Anyway, Cole and Cassie were getting it on finally in 1957 just as Ramse and the others were getting knifed at the compound known as Titan by followers of the Witness.  Care to guess that the hooded figures doing the killing were actually other Ramses and his party (though they couldn't kill their own selves without risking a paradox.  Can't wait until next Monday!