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Freedom of Panorama?

I am surprised that this is an issue in Europe - Freedom of Panorama.

Yes, Chiyoh, snails survive....

Snails on the mind and in the poo.... Hannibal


Mr. Robot is damn near perfect

Well, that's the tag line for this USA show (CinemaBLEND seems to agree).  And after watching the hour and a half long premiere, I found my self drawn into Rami Malek's character Elliot.  Elliot has some sort of mental problem, some say he is a bit schizo, I tend to think he has mild Asperger's.   His morphine habit may help with that; I'm not sure his psychiatrist is.  But Elliot is helping her!  Yes, he's a crusader in his own right for what he sees as good.  The question becomes, is Mr. Robot (the hacker group headed by Christian Slater) leading him into what is right for the right reasons, right for the wrong reasons, or just plain all wrong.   Is Evil Corp, really evil?

I especially like the narrative from Elliot's viewpoint.  He's fairly straight-forward, but it also helps to explain the more complex computer hacks that occur, making the show much eaier to follow.  But especially, Elliot's narrative gives you that special insight into what motivates this slightly-off, but computer-brilliant, young man.  So it comes down to this: am I looking forward to the next episode.  Damn right I am! The Americans just got a running mate for best drama on TV.
"Who Do You Think You Are?" Returns for a Summer 2015 Season

Maybe I'll find out if I'm related to J K Rowling through her French ancestors.... or maybe not.  Also Bryan Cranston (Walter White of Breaking Bad) will be on the show.  So far all that is being said is that there is something not so good among the males in his family.   The actor has called his parents "broken."

Look into the Vortex

For explanation and longer video go here.

So Hannibal is gone..... from NBC

But at least one producer isn't giving up yet:

And Bryan Fuller says he has plans for a Season 4.

Danziger's poem and a picture I found of a younger Danziger on 

France wins a battle, Belgium wins the war?

The newly minted Belgian 2.50 euro coin that commemorates the Battle of Waterloo.

I guess Belgium wanted a 2 euro coin to commemorate Waterloo, but France shut it down.  But Belgium found that any country could produce a coin itself as long as the coin was in an irrregular denomination.

Some news on Fargo Season 2

News on Fargo Season 2 - guess who plays Ronald Reagan!