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Trump: The Golden Wrecking Ball

So Trump came roaring into this primary and he blew the lid off the corrupted and corroded machine.  He was like a Golden Wrecking Ball.  He wrecked what needed to be wrecked, in order to shine light on the shenanigans.  in order to allow us to rebuild.   Because see, Trump build's things, he builds big things. -Sarah Palin introducing Donald Trump

In Palin's full introduction, she makes it rather clear that she is talking about the Republican party

Yes, the corrupt and corroded machine, Trump might have blown the lid off of, is none other that the Republican party.    But is he really rebuilding it or letting it languish?

Wait a second?  Trump won't leave behind our POWs?  After what he said about John McCain because he was a POW?  Seems Sarah is putting her own thoughts in Trump's head.  He's happy she's trying, but it would never happen (honestly who would want Palin's thoughts in their mind?).   The "Trump Doctrine" is "We win, you lose." You meaning the rest of the world's countries.   Must the rest of the world be in shambles "to get America's glory back" as Palin puts it?  Honestly, she sounds like Goebbels.
Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings asked what sort of work did your ancestors do?   This is mine, to the best of my knowledge from off the top of my head.  I'll try to go back to my great grandparents; but I am going to add some beyond that who had some noteworthy professions (other than farmer).  I'm going to use Ancestor Table numbers to identify them.   An asterisk (*) indicates work they were doing at the end of their life.
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Kurt Wallander: The last episode

Kenneth Branagh's characterization of Kurt Wallander has been one of the most introspective of detective shows ever produced.  The last episode is no less so as Wallander is retreating into his own mind under the effects of Alzheimer's disease, even as memories of his father's final demise have haunted him over the years. The views from above as Wallander drives across Sweden even serve to bring that point home.

But there is one final mystery to solve, to discover what happened to Hakon, Linda's father-in-law.  Kurt's personal quest for meaning in his life becomes a quest as well, even as he finds Hakon's unknown sister, blind and institutionalized, thoroughly dependant upon others.  A poignant look at his own future.

Early on, ideas of spies and betrayal amid the Russian submarine incursions into Swedish territorial waters takes hold.  And then he finds Hakon's wife, Louise, dead of an apparent suicide, hanging from a tree by the lake.  And she has communiques about the sub incursions in her pockets.

Hakon is not a traitor, and neither was Louise, says a friend.  And then there was that ringtone.  Is someone cleaning up the mess from the sub incursions or is it Hans who has gotten money from his father - 3 million Krona.  Kurt has an 'episode' - did he really see Hakon?  And then back home in the field behind his house he is sun-downing, he doesn't remember his own daughter, Linda.

Growing old can be the among the toughest tasks a person has to go through in their life.  More lucid now, Kurt tracks down leads.  Could Hakon have killed Louise, and what of the book being written by the historian.  The son of a fisherman tells Kurt why he was paid 100,000 Krona by Hakon.  Finding Hakon, Kurt agains sundowns and Hakon takes the opportunity to apparently slip beneath the waves to his death.  And with his death so dies any need to explain the mystery and bring dishonor to his family.

The endless ground under us.  The water is shining among the trees.  The lake is a window into the earth.

Someone else will remember.  Someone will remember for you.

I'm fine.

Masha, I'm your father.....

It took Kate Kaplan to hoodwink Red.  

Speaking of Munchkins....

There is a small (inch, inch & a half long) frog or toad clinging to my bathroom window. It is good to know they are still around. The light should bring it some meals. But it's somewhat disconcerting, it keeps looking at me everytime I sit down on the toilet.


A new head of the FBI. Yes, the Munchkin is the somewhat sardonic Peter Jacobson, lately the Proxy on Colony, but also known for the 'dweeb' Randy Dworkin on Law & Order and Dr Taub on House.  Need to see more of him, hope he fits in .

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