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Chat Noir

It’s called Chat Noir (black cat), and your object is to trap the cat before it leaves the playing field. Try to encircle the cat with dark green dots (click on them with your mouse or its equivalent, one at a time) before it can escape to an outer dot.  Tough to do.

The Americans - March 16th

The dynamic spy duo is returning this spring and the producers say this feels like act 2 of a 3 act play.  And while Keri Russell is pregnant in real-life, don't expect Elizabeth to be so - but I suspect she won't be at her nimble, spy-like self.  Meanwhile the poster for Season 4 shows that same hesitant quality between the Jennings as family when compared to their duties as Russian spies.

David Bowie Died!


His son confirmed the news and a statement was released on his official social media accounts.

"David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer," it said.

"While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief."

The singer only released his latest album Blackstar on his birthday on Friday.

There had been rumours about Bowie's health for years.

His last live performance was at a New York charity concert in 2006.

Blackstar, which includes just seven songs, has been well received by critics.


Our favorite actor as a father playing the father of Sherlock Holmes.

And I dreamt....

This is a true story......

..... out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.

I've seen that same look on the face of my father in the weeks before he died of cancer.  That night she had a dream.  A magical future....  There was happiness there.   But then she saw further still (a la Raising Arizona), decades into the future.  A handsome, older man, his back still straight, visited by his children and grandchildren

But then she saw Chaos....

Let loose the dogs of war (pigs)!  WWIII & FUBAR.

Ed: "I love you.  All I ever wanted to do was get back to what we had."

Meanwhile Mike Milligan lays claim to the spoils of his this war ("No more schnitzel or strudel.").  Coronation Day, and act of kindness and an act of cruelty.

"For in the morning we journey home to bathe in that warm champagne that is corporate praise.  Who knows, maybe they'll even throw us a parade.  I love parades."   - Mike Milligan.

And the butcher of Luverne meets (meats) his end; while his wife slips off her deep end.

Hank in the ICU - cautiously optimistic.

Camu never had a 6 year old.   A baby falling from a helicopter, a man's final leap for his family.   Ed, all for his family, for Peggy.    It is time to face certain truths.  One wonders if Peggy ever will, claiming she was a victim first.  She wanted to be someone.  Though she never meant for "any of this to happen."

"What will you do I wonder, join a new empire."
"Maybe start one of my own." - Hanzee Dent
"So that it too may one day fall into the sea."

"Head in a bag." - Hanzee

Hanzee gets facial surgery and yes, the new empire?  The kids in the playground are the deaf-mute and Adam Goldberg's characters from the first season.   Hanzee gets taken out by Billy Bob Thorton (Lorne Malvo) as the leader of the gang in that building where all you see is gunfire and the occasional guy falling from a window in Fargo.

And Mike Milligan discovers the Peter Principle.  Hope he's up to those quarterly projections.

Hugs of a 6 year-old grand-daughter, the best medicine.  Gunfight interrupted by spacecraft.  "You'll know the angels when they come, because they'll have the face of your children," Hank.   Communication.  Language.  Universal language of symbols.  Good intentions.

"Good night, Mr Solverson."   "Good night, Mrs. Solverson, and all the ships at sea."

The Battle for Indiana

The Smithsonian Channel will showcase Indiana on its "Arial America" upcoming show.  The segment called The Battle for Indiana includes my hometown of Vincennes.  I swear that it looks like a shot of my Mariah Pond in there as well (the oxbow lake in my icon).   Good segment on French Lick and popcorn as well.