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Saving the Catalina Island Fox

The fox of California's Channel Islands are dwarf versions of the mainland grey fox.  They weigh about the same as a small cat.  They were probably brought to the islands by Amerindians about 9000 years ago.


So... I got disgusted with a brick wall in my family tree concerning a LEGER-CHEVRE family in Canton Jura, Suisse.  So I just up and Googled the family names.

And this is what I got.....Collapse )

FRINGE-worthy viewing

First, nothing in the sci-fi realm can fully replace FRINGE - ever. The sci-fi mix of plot and character interactions of FRINGE were a most unique presentation.   Everything after FRINGE is like trying to get by on methadone after a heroin addiction.  But that said there are a few methadone makers who have some quality product out there.   One of those is LIMITLESS which takes on where the movie of the same name left off.  It's new protagonist is in some ways like a young Walter, most especially in terms of his humanity.  Though his intellect only matches that of Walter's when he is on NZT.   Yes, NZT is the drug of choice on LIMITLESS as Cortexiphan was on FRINGE.

When it comes to time travel, 12 MONKEYS is where it's at.  The twists this show takes with causality and changing time-lines certainly gives FRINGE a run for its money in that one respect.  Suffice it to say that 12 MONKEYS is seriously loopy!   And it has that love-pair going for it between Cole and Cassie, though like any good TV couple they sometimes don't see eye-to-eye.  Or see each other for 8 months at a time for one and a week for another.

Then there is, don't laugh, iZOMBiE.  Truthfully, iZOMBiE is as much a fix for post-Buffy the Vampire Slayer watching as it is for FRINGE.  But it has the mainline female protagonist of the same give name in FRINGE, Olivia 'Liv' Moore.  There's the weekly investigation that Liv must help with.  A scooby-gang, so to speak, exists; although some of them did not know they were in one until recently.  But this Liv is not using her Cortexiphan-enhanced skills, but her visions gained by eating the brains of the murdered gleaned from her work in the Seattle medical examiner's office.  Yes, Liv is a zombie.  I hate zombie-flicks; but I love iZOMBiE!  It has that quirkiness about it wherein, like Buffy, the show can make fun of itself, while remaining dead serious.

Thankfully, these three shows are still in production. iZOMBiE has already finished its seond season by averting a zombie-apocalypse, while dealing with one 'big bad' only to introduce a probable other. LIMITLESS will end its second season this Tuesday (and I expect it might end somewhat as angsty as the 2nd season of BtVS).  And both have been picked up for a third season. 12 MONKEYS is just starting out its second season.  Hopefully, they will all be around for some time to come.  Because the show that perhaps emulated FRINGE the most, Person of Interest, will end in a 13 episode shortened series that starts May 3rd. PoI took the 'machine' of FRINGE and turned into into a conscious AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Like FRINGE there came to be two machines - two AIs.   But in PoI, the two AIs are in direct conflict, at least in the present time on the show.  They are going to compress one very wild ride into these last 13 episodes.  I'm not sure how it will end (but I have my ideas), but it is strange to be rooting for the original machine, the AI, in this show.

It rained hard that night.....

But it did not dampen his reception.  Considered by some to be the best half-time performace at a Superbowl.

Valhalla Rising

So is Valhalla Rising, Mads Mikkelson at his maddest?  Talk about crazy.  Kind of a Bergman action flick if Ingmar did action flicks.  Should have seen this on a big screen though. 

The beginning of the end...

Watching these trailers I am reminded of why the most subversive show on television, Person of Interest, grabs your guts and twists.  Hate to see it end.  Happy though that CBS gave it the showing that it did and allowed a shortened, if not belated fifth season.   The cast has been superb.  Amy Acker has perhaps not had a better role than that of Root (yes, better than Whiskey!).  Who knew you might be hoping for a machine to live.

One is bigger than the other....

I had to watch it a second time to find she was talking about his nipples. Thankfully she wasn't speaking about his testes.  Last time someone noticed that with me, I had cancer.  The question becomes, though, what one is the episode talking about.

How long did they have to look to find that interview by Jane Pauley on independant women?  Foreshadowing much!?  And, of course, there is the gun.

Need more glanders, impossible, trust is always a problem.

Gabriel and Martha sittin' in a tree.... never going to happen.  Philip/Clark tells his tale to Gabriel - why Martha cannot continue on.  And now he tells Elizabeth that Martha had 'seen' Philip.  And you can mark up at least one item of marital/spy mistrust between Elizabeth and Philip.

Meanwhile Elizabeth feeds her kids fake Korean chicken (tofu).  And Henry asks an all important question.... "where's dad?"

Jennifer (Elizabeth) is not Clark's sister.  They've worked together for a long time, for the KGB.   Now Martha knows all she needs to know.  Almost... she still thinks she and Clarke/Philip can be together.  Well, who wouldn't want to be with the sex-machine.  Except that we all know that Philip is simply falling back on his training.  And Gabriel is most pleased to hear it.  It means, hopefully, a more pliable Martha.

Martha's sick.  Never going home.

Emergency communcation.  Always some reason.

Pills (what is she taking?) and the gun.  Gun goes with Philip.

Stan and his buddy Aderholt figure Clark Westerfeld out, putting the pieces together, and tell Gaad (in the hot room).  "Martha's worked here over ten years..... that's... that's crazy."

Philip meets the bacteria guy, William, is that Hans on the rooftop?  Signal, stand, a signal, it's a go.  And we learn that William's wife was sent back to Russia.  He wanted to "take them on" - but he couldn't.

An omelet?

"No good deed,"  Gaad must face another intelligence failing on his watch.  Expounds on whether Gene was in on it or killed as a ruse.

Martha's got a lite purse. And it sets her off on an independent move.   One was bigger than the other, Clark was more for her than Gabriel could be.  And now, the gun will likely play a part.  Aderholt has seen it.  Finding it on Philip could expose him.  On the other hand it might come to be an instrument of Martha's death in a supposed suicide.

Guess who....

The 2nd season episodes for Better Call Saul were (in no particular order):

Gloves Off

Bali Ha'i


. . .

A great lady just died...

NBC News reports:

Doris Roberts, a character actress who labored honorably both on stage and screen for years before finding the perfect vehicle for her talents, the hit sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” died on Sunday. She was 90. Her “Everybody Loves Raymond” co-star Patricia Heaton confirmed the news on Monday.

“Doris Roberts had an energy and a spirit that amazed me,” the actress’ publicist, Janet K Daily, said in a statement to NBC News. “She never stopped. Whether working professionally or with her many charities, or just nurturing and mentoring a young, green comic trying to make it as an actor, she did it all with such a grand love for life and people and I will miss her dearly.”

Roberts was nominated for 11 Emmys, including seven for playing Marie Barone on “Raymond,” winning four for her work on that series; she picked up her first Emmy in 1983 for a guest appearance on “St. Elsewhere,” making for a total of five wins overall.