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What holds for Fargo season 2?


Expect another snow-swept rural crime drama loosely inspired by the Coen brothers’ film, only this time the action is set in Luverne, Minnesota, where humble married couple Peggy and Ed Blomquist (Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons) find themselves caught in an escalating war between a local crime gang and a major Mob syndicate. (A character in season one cryptically described the 1979 case as “savagery, pure and simple,” with a massive pileup of bodies.)

“The scope of the story- telling this season is a lot bigger, it has more of an epic feel to it,” says showrunner Noah Hawley, who adds that the earlier time period and even more rural setting gives the show an almost Western-like quality. “It’s not the ’70s in a Boogie Nights kind of way,” he assures.

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Mariah Pond Farm
What might an ancient Babylonian song sound like?        The Soundcloud player will play 3 or 4 tracks.  You just have to wait for it to cycle.  Each track has a different character.

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Mariah Pond Farm
Mariah Pond Farm

Translates something like - if Chinese:
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If Japanese:
wet ℼ peripheral 灹 ⁥ 瑨 㰾 Dang had no Dang had no 瑨 㰾 敨 摡 㰾 汹 at Sakura 㹥 ℼ ⴭ 愊 氺 Japan  - 潣 潬 㩲 ⌠ estate estate estate elementary 㩡 楶楳 integer ⁤ - 潣 潬 㩲 ⌠ estate estate estate flat 潨 㩡 敶 潣 潬 㩲 ⌠ ⁲ - Estate estate estate flat via raising anunhandled 㩡 捡 fired 敶 挠 汯 牯 ' 〣 estate of chemistry (ⴠ 㸭 at Sakura mind 汹 㹥 猼 牣 灩 㹴 ℼ ⴭ ⠊ footpath holding steady climb via raising anunhandled ⤨ evoked a bath 搠 Namu JONHO 琽 ⱳ 㵦 footpath via raising anunhandled hold steady water 笩 Gak KIM Kyung ⁲ 㵢 祴 椻 ⡦ number. Han Kyung 橢 捥 ≲ 㴽 ⥢ thank Young Gak 笩 Night Night Young Gak subsequent meetings. 獮 慴 潥 have glassy eyes ⁦ 牁 慲 ⥹ 畴 湲 愢 offer up money 祡 㬢 潥 holding steady at night Young Gak subsequent meetings. 獮 慴 ⁦ 扏 敪 peripheral 爩 瑥 牵  㭢 Kyung ⁲ 㵣 扏 敪 peripheral 瀮 潲 Mizuma 祴 few Liang number from Japan ⹧ 牴 汬 Young Gak 㬩 night habit ∨ 潛 橢 捥 4楗 摮 睯 ≝ 㴽 ⥣ 畴 湲 using up money Han 橢 捥 ≲ 椻 ⡦ lady Thank Peripheral 䄠 扯 敪 祡 offer ≝ 㴽 籣 ≼ website: 扭 牥 㴢 琽 灹 潥 ⁦ ⹡ 桴 ☦ 產 opening of a new theater show respect 摮 晥 Japan "Save Data ... ". It TM 琽 灹 潥 ⁦ ⹡ 灳 楬 ☦ 產 摮 disorder

Joss Whedon's Halloween Horror Story

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A biography of every writer ever.

Cats eat watermelon!

Mariah Pond Farm

Even the rind!