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The Python Approach

We finally learned what Phase Two was all about and whose plan it truly is....Read more...Collapse )

Hear me, Sam Esmail, bring back Mr Robot ASAP!!


20 October on FOX

DWAT! FOX nixxed the vid!  I leave you with Ghost BC instead....

Post-shootout at Lupe's

A lucid dream.... mind awake, body asleep, mind awake, body asleep.....

$2 TRILLION! Walk inbetween the minds and not on them.  Seems like for all her hard work, Dom is on the outs.    Talking to her virtual assistant, Alexa, how droll. Infrared is super-pretty.

Seems we've seen Angela's 'captors' from the van in prior episodes.  They must have been keeping tabs on her.

"What the fuck is going on!?"

Nice fish.  Hang in there, kitty.   The young girl..... ECODELIA?  Beat her?   Red phone?  Time running out, time, that could mean Whiterose?

You tell me, Angela.  Is this all another fantasy from the addled brain of Elliot or did something really go down in this episode.  Mr Robot left him last show.  The truce between Mr Robot and Elliot evidently fell apart and they are not now cooperating.  So....

Have you every cried during sex?  No.

Have you ever fantasized about murdering your father?  No.

Are you a giraffe or a seagull?  ???

Red or purple?   Purple.

Is the key in the room?  The knob doesn't turn, how do you open it?  Uh.... was the answer in Lolita?  (BTW, Darlene's hacker handle is Dol0resH4ze, a tribute to the woman from Lolita.)   "Yes, the key was in my fist, my fist was in my pocket."   Rather David Lynch.

The fish died....  All to see Whiterose, who convinces her not to turn herself in and not to do anything with the Washington Twp info.  So, when Angela went to the government earlier, she must have been intercepted by people from Whiterose's Dark Army.  Angela has been around for 90 days past her expiration.  Beeping, counting down the minutes?   Sacrificed for the greater good, to take humanity to the next level.  REALLY??  Belief in what?

Evidently, Angela believes, and she tells her lawyer to "don't call me anymore."   Was the brown-out a signal?  Angela seemed almost robot-like

(E-coin vs Dollars) vs BitCoin.   Controlled by a good old-fashioned American company and Philip Price.  Defeat can still be profitable.

Oh, but then there is Elliot.... who has now turned the table on Mr Robot.  Mr Robot is the waking persona, Elliot now manages to piggyback on his alter.  But Mr Robot doesn't see him, why should he, Mr Robot is the sane one, Elliots the schizo!   The cypher was quite good.  Mr Robot deciphered it and now Elliot follows him and ultimately becomes him (wakes up) to a meeting with.... Tyrell Wellick!  Tyrell and Elliot.... with partners?  Elliot cannot believe his eyes.  Obviously, Mr Robot lied to Elliot.  Gotta go, we're close, to STAGE 2!!  But neither Tyrell or Whiterose (the Dark Army) realize as yet that it was not Elliot that came up with Stage 2, but Mr Robot.

It worked Elliot.... this is beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The question is, will Elliot find that he can carry through with the plans of Mr Robot?

I started a new hobby

Collecting agricultural medals given out in the 19th and early 20th centuries from the US Midwest, but also those from countries my ancestors hailed from, so: Belgium, France, Germany, Poland & Switzerland.  Today, I got an especially interesting and large bronze medal that was awarded in 1852.

On the 'obverse' it commemorated a C.J.A. Matthieu de Dombasle, giving his birth - 26 Feb 1777 and death - 27 Dec 1843 at Nancy.  It turns out there is a Wikipedia page on him!  De Dombasle was the co-founder of the Société centrale d’agriculture and developed the Dombasle plow among other achievements in his lifetime (including the Legion of Honour).  On the reverse:

The medal states the award is from the Société centrale d’agriculture in the Department of Seine-Inférieure and I assume the plow at the bottom is a representation of the De Dombasle plow.  The inscription on the reverse states that the medal was given to M. Germain Hellard at Montivilliers (Seine-Inf.) for the production of sparkling cider for export in 1852.  Doing a quick search for Hellard led me to the book "Extrait des travaux" by the Société centrale d'agriculture du Départment de la Seine-Inférieure, Rouen.  There on page 246, I found these two entries for Hellard:

So he got some money (a premium of 300 francs) along with his medal as well as published his thoughts on the production of cider.

I wonder what I might find next!

TV (The Book)

Well, the top completed American television shows get rated in TV (The Book).

At the link there is an example of their rating of their #25 rated television show.  Guess which one....