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Lagarfljótsormur is real!?

Lagarfljótsormur is real!?  Must be, they took a vote on it.   And stick around for the next video on lemmings... they can be feisty little buggers.
Grazer is a brown bear mother in Alaska's Katmai National Park.  While at the falls to fish for salmon the mother bear watched all three of her coys (cubs of the year) be swept over Brooks Falls.

Which country 'won' the Olympics?

Yes, the US won the most medals among all the nations.  But what if the European Union competed as one nation, what would the totals look like then?

Below are the countries in the EU that won medals:

G      S      B
27   23   17 - Great Britain
17   10   15 - Germany
10   18   14 - France
08   12   08 - Italy
08   07   04 - Netherlands
08   03   04 - Hungary
07   04   06 - Spain
05   03   02 - Croatia
03   01   02 - Greece
02   06   07 - Denmark
02   06   03 - Sweden
02   03   06 - Poland
02   02   02 - Belgium
02   02   00 - Slovakia
01   02   07 - Czech Republic
01   02   01 - Slovenia
01   01   03 - Romania
00   02   00 - Ireland
00   01   03 - Lithuania
00   01   02 - Bulgaria
00   00   01 - Austria
00   00   01 - Estonia
00   00   01 - Finland
00   00   01 - Portugal
104    107    107     318
Gold Silver Bronze Total
W/O Great Britain
77     84      90      251
Gold Silver Bronze Total

The EU has about 510 million inhabitants.  So the EU medalled at a rate of .624 medals per million inhabitants.  If you remove Great Britain (less 65 million for 445 million inhabitants) from the mix then the EU medalled at a rate of .564 medals per million inhabitants.  Compare that to how the United States performed.  We won 121 medals (46 gold, 37 silver, 38 bronze) and compared to our 325 million population we medalled at a rate of only .372 medals per million of inhabitants. (Great Britain alone medalled at a rate of 1.03 medals per million of inhabitants).  In short, the United States did not outperform the European Union, we didn't even outperform a Brexit-addled European Union.  And if one considers that the countries of the European Union do not compete as one in team sports then it is likely the EU would have won even more medals if there were combined EU sports teams.

So who won?

If there had been no Waterloo

If Napoleon had remained emperor of France for the six years remaining in his natural life, European civilization would have benefited inestimably. The reactionary Holy Alliance of Russia, Prussia and Austria would not have been able to crush liberal constitutionalist movements in Spain, Greece, Eastern Europe and elsewhere; pressure to join France in abolishing slavery in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean would have grown; the benefits of meritocracy over feudalism would have had time to become more widely appreciated; Jews would not have been forced back into their ghettos in the Papal States and made to wear the yellow star again; encouragement of the arts and sciences would have been better understood and copied; and the plans to rebuild Paris would have been implemented, making it the most gorgeous city in the world.

Napoleon deserved to lose Waterloo, and Wellington to win it, but the essential point in this bicentenary year is that the epic battle did not need to be fought—and the world would have been better off if it hadn’t been.

Why We'd Be Better Off if Napoleon Never Lost at Waterloo

I don't know....
. . .

Who would not love that face?

The sand cat was recently seen for the first time in a decade in the United Arab Emirates. Researchers are attempting to set up a conservation plan for the endangered feline.  Meanwhile, bobcats:

Are showing up more and more around Indiana.  I saw my first one on the farm in 1969 as the sun was setting.  I think I caught the tail end of one as it slipped into the woods along my soybean field last night, also at dusk.  Whatever it was, it didn't have much of a tail.

A "The Americans" Interview

MATTHEW RHYS - I am, actually. I get a little protective. I'm like, "Can someone get her a f—in' robe, please?! She's standing there naked, we've cut for five seconds, Jesus Christ." (Laughter.) And they're like, "Dude, this is the fourth season."

Kerry Russell and Matthew Rhys give a joint interview about The Americans.

What the heck did I just buy?

I've got to check but I think one of my immigrant ancestor's half-brothers lived in Jette (then Sint-Pieters-Jette?) after they moved to Bruxelles from Glimes.  Though I wonder if a French (Wallon) speaker would move into a Flemish neighborhood.  Going to check..... Eh, the one neighborhood I do know that a half-uncle lived in was directly opposite of Jette in Watermael-Boitsfort.

But rather obviously this was a music festival award in Jette for 26 May 1890.  What's with the big scissors?  Or is that Sint Pieter (Saint Peter) with a pair of keys?