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Lieven Bauwens

I recently acquired this medal commemorating the unveiling of a statue of Lieven Bauwens in Ghent in 1885.

Bauwens had been a mayor of Ghent.  But he is primarily remembered as is stated on the other side of the medal as the "importer and distributor of the cotton spin rig."  That is perhaps stating it rather diplomatically.  As a young man, Bauwens was sent from his native Belgium to England.  There he eventually acquired a version of what is known as the "spinning mule" which had been invented by Samuel Crompton.  Bauwens brought the textile rig and knowledgable workers to the continent and started textile plants in Paris in 1799 and Ghent in 1800.  That makes Lieven Bauwens one of the earliest known spies of the industrial age.

Follow up on YouTube for the rest of the songs.

Music for cats?

Composed by David Teie: Music for Cats - I find it kinda soothing myself.

How did I get this?

Dubos Frères is still a going concern in the French wine industry of Bordeaux; although it was taken over by the Cottin family who dealt in silk.  Even so, just how did a (turn of the 19th/20th centuries) French silver medal awarded to the Dubos Frères for viticulture get out of the company hands and into that of a dealer in the Department du Nord, and then my own?  Did they only care about the gold medals.  Wonder if I should be worried....

The most relaxing song in the world?

Weightless” by Marconi Union, an English ambient music band, induced a 65 percent reduction in stress among participants, according to Inc.. And DailyMail.com reported that the song was 11 percent more effective than most other songs - by such musicians as Adele and Coldplay - in reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing speed. The 2011 song was created by the band, along with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, to do just that - relax listeners.

I think I'll stick with Coldplay  - maybe Paradise.

But definitely, The Scientist....

Cats with unusual markings

Boredom Therapy has a wonderful series of 22 pictures of cats with unusual markings.

I've seen other 'Kitlers' but this one takes the cake!

10,000 Pins on my Geology Board

I have hit and surpassed 10,000 pins to my Geology Board on Pinterest.  The picture that broke the five figure ceiling was a rather mundane one though.  It was a dendritic graptolite, Diplograptus sp., from the Upper Silurian Rochester Shale near Lockport, Niagara Co., New York.

It looks like this....Collapse )

Mr ROBOT script?

Purported to be from a leaked script of season 3 of Mr ROBOT.